Hello world!

I am Andrew Grey. I am a navigator, I travel through life, exploring and learning what it is, and how it works, then I share with the ones willing to listen, but I must warn you, freeriding life it’s not easy, many get scared and go back to their box, change is what scares us all, including me. Fearing something doesn’t mean you are weak, just the reaction to it will tell much about the qualities and defects you hold. Fear is there to test you and make you stronger, it is gravity, tug & pull, so you will evolve, become a better version of yourself.
Many times in life, maybe you didn’t wanted to take that leap, but it will always knock at you door, until you will decide to go for it, instead of waiting for life to ask you to live and kick you in the ass ;).
This will liberate you from limitations, it will empower and define who you are, because when you are out of the box, you have to know yourself, become your best friend, and start your own journey. This is not hard, it’s actually impossible hard, this is your Legendary Life, your Big Adventure… whatever you want to call it, and in those worst moments when you want to give up each second and go back to you comfort zone, that’s when you will get to see the best of you, pressure makes diamonds, that is evolution, pure experience! Later you will understand there is no other way, (in case you had enough with mediocrity),to know what your values are, and if you to truly want to matter to yourself, because after all, you live for YOUSELF, then you can be happy no matter what, and truly love others unconditionally; so yes it is only for the ones that are ready to shine, and give all they got, each day, living like there’s no tomorrow, facing all that life brings at that level.
This is your journey, to each and everyone of you, of course when you are ready to start it, and believe me, many times I wanted to give up, especially in the beginning of it, later on, you get better and better at it, as to put it like this, life doesn’t get easier at all, you will become better, mastering it.
But first you have to learn how to master yourself, start simple… master your body, it is the closest thing you have and able to control. Learn how to move, perfect it, make it a lean, dancing machine. The way you move your body everyday, it’s the way you navigate life, it is your vehicle, are you a good driver?, how much of yourself can you feel and be aware at the same time? The more awareness you will have about your body, the more intensity you’ll receive from life, the richer the experience will be. A numb body, it’s a numb life, it’s a boring life… and you will always be looking for more without satisfaction, so instead you could increase the intensity of your experience.
Now that you got a PRACTICE, a physical one, where the whole body moves, and you are aware of it, the journey begins. It can be YOGA, or dancing, or skiing, running, and so on… eventually all this things will merge, and life will become FLOW, moving it’s dancing and YOGA SKI SURF RUN WALK HIKE EAT SLEEP DRINK SPEAK WRITE SEE HEAR TOUCH FEEL SEX THINK SMELL are the same thing… DANCING “in the dark” I call it 🙂 until you become Aware!
From here you master control, over your body, emotions, thoughts, and so on… then you can change your life consciously, make it how you want it, based on the quality of values you learn and hold, always perfecting, changing habits and programming new ones. I give you an example, how well do you think you can control your life if you can’t stand for more than a few minutes in a simple position like… PLANK? TRY IT! this is your WILL, this strength has to be sharpened and educated, like a good knife, always ready to cut “the fog of lies”, mediocrity is.
A sharp mind reflects a lean body, healthy and agile, like a feline, always ready to react, and yet relaxed, enjoying life.
One of my practices it’s SKIING, “dancing river” flowing down the mountains, floating, flying, gliding, enjoying the ride, controlling the surroundings and at the same time letting go, “TO BE & NOT TO BE” At the same time! If you can live this, then you are on the path, but don’t think this is it, every day it’s a new lesson, so unlearn that fat mind and keep it flexible, and don’t get stuck with one practice, making the other aspects of life “not good enough”, this is the illusion of a power hungry mind that is stuck in another kind of box, the whole thing it’s a journey, life is exploring, so the things you learn from your “best at” practice, you apply in other areas and make the whole life a practice, a damn good one, if you want to be happy and satisfied with yourself, as you should know, there’s no real pleasure without SKILL.
I used to be a “fatso”… lying to myself, postponing exercise, and awareness, lazy and heavy, and now I am at this point in life 🙂 I can tell you, it was not easy at all, here’s a little about my travels:
-born in Bucharest, I like to push limits and making IMpossible… Possible started skiing & inline role skating as a child, built a town district internet provider network community, after university went to US, and lived there for 10 years driving over 500.000 Miles (9 times Florida to New York Drive round trip) across N. America & Europe, working in Hotel Management, IT and Sales/ meanwhile traveling for personal enjoinment, 15 years PRO Video Gamer (1 week tops no sleep) LAN Party & Electronic music party(er) (1 month tops of no sleep party), Grand Touring Driver (3 days continuous driving 4000 miles US RT66 East-to-West), seeking new realities and living in cities/attractions like: Miami (4 Years of Art School and Dancing DJ/EDM Party Festivals Life), New York Manhattan, Philadelphia, Wilderness of New England, Naples Florida (7 years of IT Sales & Hotel Event Management/ & Restaurant Beach Life), Key West, Orlando, Boston, Toronto , Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Denver, Vail Colorado (3 years of skiing) (“Best Place on Earth”-to ski dry powder), San Diego & Los Angeles California (Hollywood Life & Film/Photo Art School), Lima & the Jungles of Peru (3 months in Eco Hut Jungle Nomad leading group expeditions of YOGA Life Style), Greece (Nomad summer life mountains & beach living PRO Paddle Boarding & YOGA), Romanian Zen Camps group leader in the ancient mountains & wilderness of SW Carpathians (3 years of Culinary Vegan Chef School & 1000+ Hours of Lake Explorations Paddle boarding Zen “Spoon” Practice),
Now I am in Chamonix for over 1 year after 100+ days of skiing 2017 winter and 5 summer months living in a tent in the forest, completely off grid, YOGA Style, hiking the mountains 4 times a week top to bottom, morning to night, trail running 10k+ each day & Waterfall cold baths, little to no food fasting, Yeah It felt like a PTL Marathon but only to last 5 months instead of 6 days!
This is just a scrape from the experience I went through, at personal level being very intense and life changing, thus the more you travel, the more perspectives you will get to understand, all this points of view and extract essence … the “Philosophers stone” and this is just the beginning, I feel more energized and healthier than ever; it has to do with Morning Sadhna (Practice) YOGA – total of 5 years waking up with the SUN and always doing it, no matter the conditions or the state of being! This is the most empowering life changing practice I recommend if you want to know yourself and start affecting change to all aspects of you life, its like trimming the bush, yeah I drink & I eat (no animal flesh) don’t be a monk though! (been raw vegan or frugivorous for years), so live whatever life style you want, but be conscious of the experience of it, night/sleep travel and alcohol will loosen you and the morning practice will sharpen you again and again, then, only from your own experience over it, you will know what works for you, so I say again, don’t make a religion out of any practice or style, they’re also boxes to trap yourself into 🙂 Be FREE, Love, Enjoy, Experience, Don’t judge (only objective) Observe, Learn, Evolve.
The more you will push yourself, the better you will shine, the stronger you will be and the more energy you will have! Infinite Possibilities, your own Probabilities!
See you on the slopes!

Andrew Grey
Elite Trainer – Life Coach – PRO Traveler